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I, Aanya Rimal came to this beautiful world on 3rd of May 2018. I love taking pictures, and I think this is in my DNA. My dad Pramod Rimal is a professional photographer. My mom Pragya Shree Rimal lets me take photos from her iPhone and she know I do not drop her phone on the ground now.

I take photos of any objects, person or scene that appear beautiful to my innocent eyes. I am also a baby model and pose for my dad when he takes photos.

I am too little and busy enjoying my childhood, so I have left my dad and and momo be my contact managers. They both look after my emails , social media accounts and maintain engaging contents.

When i grow up big, I will take that role back from them.

I thank you a lot for coming to my website and wish you a very good time no matter which part of the world you are at now.

Get to Know More About Me

I love what I do!

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There are Lots of Activities that I like to do.


I love to Give Pose

I am cute little girl who is always fascinated and inspired to give poses for photos.


I do Videos for Fun

My dad and Mom helps me take videos of my various act and plays which I do for fun and enjoy.

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Games and Play

Love Both Indoor and Outdoor Games

I Enjoy All those Games that Involves physical activities including indoor and outdoor games.

Product Promotion

Promote Product and Brands

I will be very happy to be apart of promotion campaign for any brand and product that I am illegible for.

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My First Photo Shoot


My First Photo Shoot


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